Monday, March 10, 2008

War Stamps

"A complete collection of original [Great] War Poster-Stamps designed by Lodewijk Schelfhout. All but one stamp is signed in full by the artist. Each stamp is 7x5 cm. The stamps were designed and sold for the benefit of War-refugees (mainly Belgians) staying in the Netherlands. Lodewijk Schelfhout (1881-1943; painter and master on dry-needle engraving) was a son to the famous ice-scenery painter Andreas Schelfhout. Lodewijk shared a studio in Paris from 1903 onward with Piet Mondriaan, and was strongly influenced by him. Later he turned to cubism and these stamps and his later work are excellent witnesses to this period that lasted almost to the end of his life." Link… [search: Schelfhout]

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