Friday, March 28, 2008

Clyde Edward Pangborn

"Rosie Gordon, stuntwoman, jumped from Pangborn's plane as a featured attraction of the Gates Flying Circus's "Thrilling Aerial Demonstrations." However, her chute didn't open, leaving her dangling at the end of 15 feet of rope tied to one of the wing struts. Milton Girton and Pangborn try to pull her up by the rope but only gain a few inches. Tommy Thompson and Freddie Lund approached Pangborn's plane in their own plane. Pangborn motioned Lund onto the left top wing of Thompson's plane where he braced himself against the strut supporting the top wing overhang, and then stepped across to Pangborn's plane. Still unable to pull her up, Lund slid into the plane to fly it and Pangborn lowered himself to the undercarriage and draped himself around the right rear landing gear strut. Pangborn and Girton pull the girl to safety." Link…

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