Monday, March 17, 2008


Picture tells a story.

"If we could only remember ! So many souls and so many names. If a name is here not spelled as you remember it ... or if you were known by a different name ... or if you are a fugitive ... or if you are mentioned twice or thrice ... or you now have many letters of entitlement following your name but you were know as "stinky" ... or any other aberration in the continuum ... please accept my apology k.s."
"Wondering am I, who sent you the list of names? So many are misspelled and one mentioned twice who would not want his last name on there. He would prefer to be known as Crazy Al." Link…

Edgar Warner. 1910 - 1989, A healer in Cambridge, Mass. Died in 1989 from Leukemia after taking on the illnesses of over 20,000 people. Link…

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