Tuesday, November 11, 2008

La Lidia

Some postcards from Daniel Perera at Biblioteca virtual de Andalucia. Link…

La Lidia. Revista raurina, Madrid 1891. The magazine contained scenes of bullfights and portraits of popular matadors. La Lidia was published between 1882 and 1900 and the chromolithography’s contributed to a great extent to the popularity of the magazine and the diffusion of the important changes that were taking place in the artistic approach of tauromachy. Daniel Perea [1836-1909] was artistic director of the magazine and is 1 of the 3 (besides Jose Chaves and Lizcano Angel) who illustrated this bullfighting periodical.

From A Silent Minority. Deaf Education in Spain, 1550–1835
110. The man in question, Daniel Perea, had been a student at the Madrid school and in 1856 he became a teaching assistant (CNSC I859, 30), although he served in this latter capacity only briefiy (AGACE, Educación y Ciencia, leg. 3,766). By the time he was hired as art teacher in 1886, half a century after Prádez's death, he was a well-known artist specializing in bullfight scenes; his appointment had been supported by colleagues in Madrid's Circle of Fine Arts, of which he was a member (AGACE, Educación y Ciencia, leg. 3,766, petition of January 2, 1886, from members of the Cirele of Fine Arts of Madrid to the Ministry of Development). Perea taught at the school for nearly a quarter of a century, until his death in 1909. [BACK]


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