Monday, August 11, 2008

Jew Pedlar

Come, vat you vant vid me?
I've pretty tings in store;
Come, pretty shildren, see.
Vat you not seen before.

I've rings and vatches plenty,
Scissars and bodkins too;
Come, vat you vant, young gentry,
To buy of wandering Jew?

Dey are so very vondrous cheap,
Dey are no prishe at all;
Den in my basket take a peep:
Dere! now for vat you call?

Dat pretty vatch is vat you vish,
Dere, take it if you're villing;
You vant de change? den dere it ish,
(Vid only tree bad shilling.)

This, and other gems from The Hockliffe Project. Link…

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