Thursday, June 26, 2008


My daily commute adds up to about ten hours a week. A good portion of it is in tunnels, so listening to the radio is not possible. I used to read a lot but podcasts have just about pushed this activity out. I always have a printout of an article handy in case I do feel like reading something. I'm currently making my way through this excellent set of recommendations at Ask MetaFilter. As I said though, listening to podcasts is what I do mostly. This is where I get my ten hours:
First, a range of ABC Radio National programmes – All In The MindCounterpointLate Night LiveLife MattersNational InterestThe Philosopher's ZoneThe Science Show. MeFiPodcast duh! Open Source with Christopher Lydon, invariably has interesting and informative interviews. As their catchphrase says "An American conversation with global attitude". The often funny, always entertaining, with great science content - The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Always funny and hugely entertaining with obscure facts, flying tangents and stories - Widely Ranging Interests.


peacay said...

Of tangential interest, have you seen ABC-NOW? I think I must have seen it on tv. I haven't yet d/loaded it but it sounds (and looks) like a pretty good idea actually.

tellurian said...

Thanks peacay, I hadn't heard of that. I'll give it a shufty.