Thursday, February 14, 2008

Basel Mission Picture Archive

"A huge snake which has swallowed a pig."

"Ata, dwarf of Abetifi. - Our Chief of Abetifi has in his entourage a dwarf, about 30 years old and 1.18 m tall, of whom he is very proud. This Ata loves to go hunting, armed with long gun. He is standing at the foot of an Onyina tree, whose bark is extremely spiny."

"A canon like the ones used everywhere here during festivals and similar occasions. It consists of a coconut palm trunk which has been split open, hollowed out, put back together and bound up with wire. A small hole is bored at the bottom end and water and a few pieces of carbide are put into it. Once the gas has developed you put a piece of burning wood in the hole, and the canon goes off with a fearful noise."

"Masks for the little chinese lion procession at new year. Lion, 2 monkeys and 2 clowns."

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