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I can understand why this was deleted rather than closed, but I wanted to preserve it, because Daphne's Blog rocks.

Amazing Person.
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I wish to tell you about an amazing person.

Look, how he has restored his Subaru by himself! Photos show in what conditions he was doing that.
I think, that if this person appeared on a space station in a difficult situation, he would manage to repair everything!
But why he does this by himself? The same idea has occurred to me. There is only one answer – he just doesn’t have money for the repair workshop. For me the only fact is important - this person has not lost his heart and has not got rid of his car!
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tellurian said...

uptime? More like crazy-time.
posted by popechunk at 7:29 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

This is weird.
posted by Brittanie at 7:32 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Even weirder.
posted by Brittanie at 7:33 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

posted by jchgf at 7:34 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Are you just trying to sell a used car?
posted by soundofsuburbia at 7:40 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Yes. Always.
posted by generichuman at 7:52 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

I really don't get this "SEO" industry.

This has to be the most gigantic waste of resources ever seen in human history.
posted by blacklite at 8:07 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

But why he does this by himself?

But why you do this by yourself?

Answer in the please!
posted by blacklite at 8:08 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Popcorn! Getcha popcorn here!
posted by dg at 8:16 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Wait, I've heard this one.

The answer is Jesus, right?

Because when there was only one set of footprints, it was Jesus who was restoring the Subaru, right?
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Reno or Suzuki - no problems.
Every 2-3 days I was changing the cars… was not satisfied … Testes Reno… I was being assured that one cannot find a better car - it runs ok, no noise – but what a hokey-pokey!"
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Testes Reno would be a good name for a band.
posted by taz at 8:28 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

I thought it was the latest in cosmetic surgery procedures?
posted by dg at 8:30 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

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Samara, I'm still waiting for the v1@gr@ to get my d!c% r0c% h@rd that I ordered from your people. Could you please forward it as soon as possible? Thanks.
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I heard that Subarumania gobbles donkeys.
posted by Jofus at 8:51 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

I don't care about the spammy incoherence, I for one vote that we keep samara as a pet. Just autoredirect all their links to zombo.com. Please dadmumdad, can we keep 'em, can we can we, huh, huh?! Pleeeeeeeeeeease?
posted by peacay at 8:57 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Another SEO turd from this cock is being posted to the blue in 3....2....
posted by Jofus at 9:00 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

NO, peacay, put Samara back in the cage NOW!
posted by Wilder at 9:03 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

you know, if we just got rid of search engines none of this would ever happen.

would it be worth it?

posted by Avenger at 9:05 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Truly, that is an amazing person. Thankyou.
posted by flashboy at 9:07 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Why is is flagged, what's so bad about this post?

Remember what fun can be had while the mods are sleeping.....
posted by Wilder at 9:08 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Dazed and amazed, but still unphased. You? Crazed.
posted by Abiezer at 9:12 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Remember what fun can be had while the mods are sleeping.....

I used to miss this stuff when I lived on Eastern Standard. Now I know! Metafilter Europe has all the fun.
posted by generichuman at 9:13 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

I can't connect the dots. Have I lost my mind? I'm truly lost. What is this about? Is Samara really trying to promote a website in MetaTalk?
posted by tellurian at 9:15 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Still open? Wowser.
posted by sneakin at 9:17 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

and on AskMe, tellurian. The busy little bee.
posted by taz at 9:19 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Samara's "website". Bizarro.
posted by sneakin at 9:21 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

This rocks.
posted by MrMustard at 9:26 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

And by 'rocks', I mean, 'confuses the hell out of me'.
posted by MrMustard at 9:27 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Don't anger Samara! You'll die in seven days!
posted by Faint of Butt at 9:28 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Having perused Samara's website, I find we share an admiration for the nobility of the horse, so I now support her unequivocaly in whatever crazy shite she wants to pull here.
posted by Abiezer at 9:35 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Ah! I see. On the other hand, (as sneakin has just mentioned), Daphne's blog rocks. I just we could have come across it another way.
On preview: I see 'rocks' may be interpreted in a few different ways.
posted by tellurian at 9:36 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

Fuckin 'el (dot com).
posted by Rhomboid at 9:38 AM on October 9 [+] [!]

peacay said...

Ummm....but what's Daphne's blog link?

tellurian said...

Oops! Lost it in the edit. Fixed.