Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland (1900)

"A Comprehensive Delineation of the Thirty-two Counties, with a Beautifully Colored Map of Each, arranged Alphabetically, showing over 11,000 Cities, Towns, Villages, and Places of Public Interest.
Embracing over Two Hundred Illustrations of the Natural Scenery, Public Buildings, Abbeys, Round Towers and other Romantic Places, reproduced by Eminent Artists from Photographs especially taken for this Work."

The history section is quite interesting, for example: "The pagan Irish warriors sometimes took the brains out of champions whom they had slain in single combat, mixed them up with lime, and rolled them into balls, which hardened with time, and which they preserved as trophies. It was with one of these balls, which had been abstracted from his armory, that Conor Mac Nessa was wounded." Link…

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Anonymous said...

I came accross a very very old copy of the "Atlas And Cyclopedia of Ireland" copyrighted, 1900.

New York
Murphy & McCarthy, Pubishers
86 Walker Street.

The picture look similar to what you have but much older version. Can you give me any info on it?

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