Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Underarm Incident

I watched this live on TV and was aghast. Today is the anniversary. Link…


tellurian said...

Here is the best YouTube.

pk said...

Gah. Fecking disgraceful. That's one of the most embarrassing things of our modern era actually. Greg Chappell has always been quite sheepish about it but I bet not a week has gone by since then when he wasn't reminded about that outrageous decision. I bet he rues it every day of his life.

I guess it is one of those episodes that can be held up as a lesson (in many areas of life I guess) about sportsmanship, overkill and 'within the spirit of the rules'.

GC is our Hansie Kronje (sp?).

{and I'm feeling old now, thanks}

pk said...

btw, your date is a day behind.

tellurian said...

Fixed. Thanks.
I'm looking forward to watching Lou Vincent when he next faces Australia.